K-TECH R&D and design team's referrals are "beyond imagination",
creating an unimaginable vision for innovation by constantly breaking
through the limitations of knitting technology.
R & D team members: 48 industrial programmers, including senior R & D engineers,
shoe manufacturers New Design Engineer, Senior Engineer with Master's Degree
and several Textile Engineers with doctoral and master's degrees.

The company provides a comfortable working environment with
a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, establishes an ERP
system combined with lean management, realizes real-time
monitoring of production and operation links and information
interaction management of equipment, improves management
efficiency, improves the level of supply chain, and promotes a
large amount of agile production of the company.


The company has 5 core advantages

Scale strength :
K-TECH has introduced large-scale machines such as Japan MATSUYA, Japan SHIMA SEIKI, and Swiss STEIGER. The mass production ensures high cost performance and provides customers with stable and sufficient products. Supply and perfect technical services.

Diversified custom:
K-TECH introduces the latest knitting technology in the world and is widely used in footwear, medical, rehabilitation, sports outdoor products, protective gear, backpacks, furniture, professional packaging, industrial accessories, sports underwear industry. And a variety of applications such as the specialty materials industry. With strong and production line and technical advantages, we can meet the individual needs of customers.


Knitting machine type modified by custom, and cooperated with
Japanese machine manufacturer to create exclusive K-TECH
high-end knitting machine for hardware and software
systems. With technology sensor package, machine setting
Guarantee the quality control of the production process,
humanized operation to achieve high efficiency, low waste, low
energy consumption.


The company has obtained 132 patents

Relying on domestic and foreign scientific research institutions,
colleges and universities to carry out technical cooperation,
component enterprises innovate research and development
Center, technological innovation and multi-field application,
increase core competitiveness.
Zhan's professional and technical personnel, keep the company's
product innovation always keep pace with the world.

Professional technical team, with a number of new practical and
innovative patents, while providing customers with diverse
Customized products, improve product utilization, reduce
product, time cost, and customers
Growing together.