The company plans to expand to 2500 machines and related supporting equipment: circular machine, small circular machine and other varieties of knitting machines

The company provides a comfortable and humane working environment with constant temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, establishes ERP system combined with lean management, realizes
In order to improve the management efficiency and the level of supply chain, real-time monitoring and information exchange management of equipment in production and operation are carried out,
Promote a large number of agile production of our company.


K-TECH Laboratory Machine
The company introduced the latest international precision instruments and equipment, testing strength as high as 25 textiles testing, and up to the AATCC U.S. standard, ISO European standard, GB national standard standards. Apparatus, pH value tester, thickness tester, burst tester, dry/wet color fastness tester, PVC color shifter, yellowing resistance tester, Taber abrasion tester, Martin Dell abrasion tester, electronic scale and a series of instruments.