Scale Strength 
K-TECH is introduced into Japan's MATSUYA, Japan's SHIMA SEIKI.
Switzerland STEIGER and other high-end machinery and equipment and other large-scale, mass production to ensure cost-effective products.
And to provide customers with stable and adequate supply and perfect technical services.

Diversified Guest System
K-TECH imports the latest knitting technology into the world, which is widely used in shoes, medical, rehabilitation, sports outdoor products, protective equipment, backpacks, furniture, professional packaging, industrial accessories, sports underwear industry and special materials industry and other diversified applications. With strong and production line and technical advantages, it can meet the individual needs of customers. 



Research And Development Strength 
K-TECH, working with the MIT MIT research and development team to develop new materials and Cross-disciplinary research applications, including electrical engineering, material engineering, art, computer engineering,
Biochemical engineering, etc., using knitting technology to develop avant-garde R & D works; and joint research with universities at home and abroad.
Studying material engineering; cooperating with European SLEM Academy of Design in cross-border art, and appearing at prestigious exhibitions all over the world.

Excellent Quality 
Advanced and perfect process flow and production facilities, intelligent process control system to ensure product quality excellence and stability.


Strict Management 
Using ISO9001 certification management system to continuously promote excellent performance management mode and ERP system construction letter
Modern enterprise management system based on interest and process.